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About us

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We are a company focused on developing projects handrails of stainless steel and other sustainable materials for the Mexican Republic.

Our location in the State of Mexico allows us to address projects of any size throughout Mexico.

We are currently the most guardrail brand recognition in the country; and taking a leading position for our participation in important projects such as:

     The railings of the Palacio de Bellas Artes.
     The railings of the General Archive of the Nation.
     The handrails of City Santa Fe GICSA.
     The railings of marine platform Grupo Carso "Jack up Independence 1"
     The railings of the Attorney General of the State of Zacatecas among others ...

These projects have been successfully completed thanks to the great commitment of our employees and the wide confidence of our customers in our products.

Therefore, we are pleased to say that in Barandimex® design, build and sell the rails safer Mexico soldiers through the application of engineering techniques, welding and polishing special and sustainable materials to the environment.

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